Cascade Launch Date

Thank you for your patience with us as we prepare to launch the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® and the revolutionary CrowdFunded CashBack program.

We are excited to announce that we will start issuing cards later this month.

Invitations will be sent out via email based upon when you joined the waiting list for your card, so if you don’t get yours on the first day, you will get your invitation shortly after our launch date. Given the size of our waiting list, we expect to send an invitation to enroll for a Cascade Card to everyone who has already reserved a card by the end of March.

I am also excited to announce some enhancements that we have made to the Cascade Card:

  • Lower Fees – We have completely eliminated six fees, including all customer service fees, ATM balance inquiry fees and ATM decline fees (note third-party network fees may apply to ATM transactions).
  • New “My Account” Website – We have completely redesigned the “My Account” website where you will be able to access and manage your account online.
  • Everyone who reserved a Cascade Card using your referral code so far is already in your CashBack Crowd, and they will begin building up your Maximum CrowdFunded CashBack as soon as they receive and start using their cards. In the meantime, you may continue building your CashBack Crowd by inviting more friends, family, and colleagues to reserve a Cascade Card.

We thank you again for your patience and look forward to inviting you to enroll for Cascade Card.

Founder – Cascade Card

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