New Information Sharing Feature Delays Launch

As the number of people on the waiting list for the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® grows, the excitement to start earning CrowdFunded CashBack increases. This is true not only from our customer’s perspective, but here at the corporate office as well.

There has never been anything like the Cascade Card. Because we are bringing so many ‘firsts’ to the table, all of our features must go through a stringent approval process.

Our newest feature will allow users to see the names of their direct referrals.   This will fuel even faster growth than we are already experiencing because you will be able to confirm that people that you referred are in your CashBack Crowd. In addition to having access to the first name and last initial of your direct referrals, you will also be able to see how many direct referrals each has, the date of their last new referral, and how many cardholders they are contributing to your CashBack Crowd.

In order to protect the privacy of our cardholders, we have included the option to opt-out if you won’t want the person who referred you to see your name or other referral information.

As this new information sharing feature was just approved, we have decided to delay the release of our cards by a few weeks so that we can build and test this new functionality. It is important to have this feature enabled from the beginning so that all of our cardholders will have an opportunity to be included in the information sharing.

We know how motivated our customers are to earn CrowdFunded CashBack. We want to encourage everyone to continue referring. We share the excitement and appreciate your patience. You can be assured that when you get your card, you will have access to this important new feature and have the best opportunity to maximize your CrowdFunded CashBack.

There are many more amazing features that will enrich the cardholder experience. Please check back for all of the latest updates.

Thank you for your patience and Happy Referring!

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