Women’s Money 2015 National Conference

A few weekends back, we had the good fortune of attending the Women’s Money National Conference in Las Vegas Nevada. Over 400 women got together to learn about financial health. We heard stories of bravery, great personal change and an overwhelming message of self-empowerment.

Women’s Money is a financial education and accountability program to help women achieve personal financial wellness. They are one of our first channel partners and this weekend was a great opportunity to strengthen our ties.

The response that we received was wonderful. Many of the speakers hailed prepaid as a great way to prevent identity theft, a great way to keep a budget, and a way for unbanked to have access to the benefits of having a MasterCard® prepaid card. They pointed to Cascade Prepaid MasterCard in particular because of our low fees and amazing CrowdFunded CashBack program.

One of the best moments of the conference was when Sarah Zeal, Director of Happiness here at Cascade, was invited to speak. She went over the benefits of having a Cascade Card and shared some of her Customer Service expertise.

Women's conference 2

Panoramic including the stage at the conference room

We were blown away with the depth of knowledge that the speakers brought to the audience. Here is a list of the other speakers that appeared http://openr.co/3PJ (not including Sarah as she was a last minute addition).

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