7 tips for Cascade Cardholders

1) Always choose credit

Remember, in order to qualify for CrowdFunded CashBack, you must have $350 in “Non-PIN Domestic Purchases”. If you type your PIN, that purchase doesn’t go toward your “Qualified Spend”.

2) Refer your friends and family

The only way that you earn CrowdFunded CashBack is to grow your CashBack Crowd. Make sure to share your referral code so that you get credit for people who you refer.

3) Use Direct Deposit

You can deposit all or part of your paycheck onto your Cascade Card. When you receive your card in the mail, it will come with a voided check that is associated with your account which you can use to setup direct deposit.

 4) Load with Federal Benefits

If you have Social Security or VA benefits; go to www.cascadecard.com/Federal. Follow the instructions to start receiving your benefits directly to your card.

 5) Be patient

You probably won’t be earning substantial amounts of CrowdFunded CashBack right away it takes time to build up your CashBack Crowd. Keep referring and watch your CashBack Crowd grow.

 6) You’re protected

Cascade Card is protected by MasterCard Zero Liability policy. You can learn more about how you are protected here.

 7) Companion Cards

When used properly, companion cards can be a great way to teach teens and young adults about budgeting and financial health.

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