Amazon Smile

amazon smile

Here at Cascade, we love to tell people about some of the good things that other companies are doing.  One company we would like to point out is Amazon.  Amazon has a program called “Amazon Smile”.  It is the same as shopping at, except the purchases that you make go to an organization of your choice.

Go to and log in to your amazon account like you normally would.  The next page will show you some of the “spotlight charities” including Doctors without Borders, American Red Cross, World Wildlife Foundation, and more. If you have a specific charity that you want to support, search or choose from thousands of organizations.

We chose to support the West Valley Boys & Girls Club because they provide amazing after-school programs that help high school students stay out of trouble and work towards getting into college.  Now, any purchases that we make, whether it be for the office, or for travel, or company outings, the West Valley Boys & Girls Club gets 0.5% on eligible purchases. That may not sound like a lot, but that is money that that organization would not have normally received, and it truly adds up over time to be a serious amount.

Make sure that from now on you are using instead of just because you want to make sure that you are supporting your charity of choice.  You are already shopping so you might as well be able to support an organization that means something.

Amazon makes it very easy to share with your friends and family on social media.

We like Amazon smile for many reasons. The first reason is because we love to see the West Valley Boys and Girls Club benefit from our purchases.  Another reason is because it is very similar to what we preach! If you already have friends that are spending money, why wouldn’t you want to earn CashBack based on their spending? If you are already shopping on Amazon, why wouldn’t you want to support a cause that means something to you?

How Much CashBack can YOU Earn? (for a charitable organization of your choice that is!)

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