5 Tips For College Students to Grow Their CashBack Crowd

College campuses are a great place to find new users for the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard®. Students are very independent in most of the financial choices they make, but sometimes they still depend on mom and dad for a little bit extra. Students love the Cascade Card because now, along with their parents putting a little money into their pockets, their friends can too.

Let’s take a look at some ways to grow your CashBack Crowd even faster:

  1. Spread the word at your clubs.

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Whether it’s your friends in the French club, finance club, or fight club, they’re probably already using prepaid cards, but you’re not building up CrowdFunded CashBack from their spending! Say whaaaaat??? Fix that by giving them your referral code so your friends in the finance club can get you out of the red and you can all celebrate with a few rounds courtesy of your Crowdfunded CashBack!

  1. Get the Greeks involved.


Fraternities and sororities are always looking for ways to give back to the community. If they sign up as an organization, they can donate their CrowdFunded CashBack to the cause of their choice. When people get behind a great cause, they will help grow your CashBack Crowd!

  1. Socialize.



Every day on campus is a whirlwind of meeting new people. Between classmates, roommates, and dormmates, you’ll always have a flurry of new followers and friend requests. Why not turn them into members of your CashBack Crowd? We’ve built some incredible to help spread the word about the Cascade Card. Just make sure to use the provided preapproved text on our website and share it on your social networks.

  1. Tell Your Family.


Call your parents and tell them you don’t need money this month thanks to your growing CashBack Crowd. Once they’ve woken up after passing out from shock, tell them if they join your CashBack Crowd as well, you may not need any money next month either. You’ll be their favorite child in no time!

  1. Have fun.


Part of the fun of being in college is making great memories with your friends. Be yourself, have fun, and build up your CashBack Crowd. If you know a friend who is already using a prepaid card, tell them about the Cascade Card. When they enroll for a card using your referral code, you can even help get them started by sharing their referral code with a few new people that you meet. These new cardholders will still be in your CashBack Crowd, and now your friend will be building up CrowdFunded CashBack too.

As a college student, you are at an advantage over most of the cardholders. Why? Because you have at your disposal huge network of people who might want to start building up CrowdFunded CashBack. Follow these 5 tips and soon you will have enough CrowdFunded CashBack to eat more than just ramen for dinner.

How Much CashBack Can YOU Earn?™

One thought on “5 Tips For College Students to Grow Their CashBack Crowd

  1. WOW, Great tips for the masses. There is a culture movement now from millennials to baby boomers. credit Cards with “pie in the sky” high limits are out/prepaid cards are trending! Great advice for newbies as well as season professionals New ideas to share & reserve your “FUN” CROWD FUNDING REWARDS CARD (^_^)


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