I’m Denise. I’m new here.

This is me!
This is me!

Hi! I’m Denise, the new Community Manager here at Cascade. I’m replacing Chris, the old Community Manager and keeper of the blog. He’s been promoted and is now far too fancy to be talking to the likes of you anymore. I’m just kidding; he misses you all desperately and says “Hi”.

I know what you’re thinking – Chris didn’t seem all that bright, how on Earth did he get promoted? Truth is, Chris is much smarter than his profile picture would lead you to believe. He’s actually a sales guru and somewhat of a marketing savant. So our fearless leader and CEO, Spencer, knighted Chris Director of Sales and Marketing for Cascade – pretty smooth, huh?

Little bit about me – I’m a celebrity gossip hound (go ahead, ask me my opinion on what really broke up Ben and Jen), animal lover (please tweet me any and all memes, gifs, and Vines of anything on four legs being hilarious!), and a bit of a grammar snob (I silently judge those who say “on accident”).

Anyway, I’m super excited to be a part of the team! Cascade is growing at light speed. We’re bursting out of our tiny office – you should see our dev team, they’re packed in there like sardines!


And we’ve got new people starting every day. Seriously, I haven’t been the new girl since my second day! I know start-ups can grow pretty quickly, but this is insane.

So make this new job easy on me, and drop me a line. We want to hear from you.  Tell me what you want out of the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard®, or just life in general.  What you like, what you’re thinking… Talk to me!

As incentive, I’ll occasionally run some promotions and fun contests to get you guys engaged. Yay, free stuff! So do me a favor – keep checking back and leave me some comments and let me know how you think we’re doing.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Denise. I’m new here.

  1. Loved this! I love your writing and will read just about anything you write lol! Nice work mama! Not bad for a new girl!


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