The Newbies

As I said in my last post, Cascade is growing incredibly fast and as proof, last week we had three new Customer Happiness Agents (that’s customer service to you non-pros) start their training.

Meet Shayna, Danny, and Tanner (that’s two separate people, not the dad from Full House).







Sarah, our Director of Happiness, is in charge of training and she’s a total rockstar when it comes to customer service. Not only does Sarah have the incredible gift of genuinely wanting to help people, she’s also got the kind of phone voice that says, “I really am happy to be talking to you, but I don’t need to try too hard.”

So, what goes into training a Customer Happiness Agent?

I’ve got to be honest; I thought most of what they’d be doing is practice saying things like: “I understand” or “There’s no need to swear.” And my personal favorite – “Please hold for a supervisor.”

To my surprise, there’s so much more than that. Sarah’s been teaching them about Cascade’s top-tier level of customer service by reviewing recordings of past calls with customers, participating in training webinars, and learning about everything about Cascade. When I say everything, I mean everything – Sarah’s been drilling them like crazy because, more than anyone, they need to know all about Cascade and our Crowdfunded CashBack program.

Oh yeah, they’ve also got this super secret Customer Happiness Agents-only competition going on. It’s classified, but I do know this – Tanner is winning.


What do they think of Cascade?

The consensus is we are awesome! (yay us!) They all come to us with impressive customer service backgrounds, but what makes us the best place they’ve ever worked or will ever work in their whole life (I may be paraphrasing a bit here)?

Shayna says we’re all fun and friendly, Tanner says that he likes the excitement level of everyone here (our developers are big high fivers) and Danny… well Danny didn’t say anything because he was in the bathroom.

We’re just as excited to have them here too! So if you have any questions or comments about Cascade, or just want to talk to someone, give them a call at 1.844.My.Cascade (1.844.692.2722) Ext. 1 … they’re here to help!

Danny, Tanner, Shayna, and Sarah

3 thoughts on “The Newbies

  1. Here goes another point for Happiness Agent Shayna! My name is Brandi I spoke with Shayna on Weds.9/2/2015. I was driving and asked her to call me back and she did, she did a great job!…lol

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  2. Thank you Brandi for taking the time to give us your feedback. We have strived to create a team with the best Customer Happiness Agents in the prepaid industry … and based on the feedback that we have received from you and others it looks like we have succeeded.



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