Happy People Helping Happy Customers

“Happy people helping happy customers.” That has been our motto since before we even began issuing cards.  Well, we can officially say that is a true statement. We have a 99% approval rate from our customers who contact our Customer Happiness Team.

We just wanted to do a quick blog post to give our Customer Happiness Team a shout-out.  Below are some of the reviews from our Happy Customers:

There are the short and sweet messages from our customers like Tim: “Totally 100% happy! Thank you!”. And Jim, who thinks we are “Absolutely awesome”.

We have the Customers like Linda that are ready to spread the word about the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard®. “The service was excellent, I am very pleased and look forward to being a long time customer and telling so many others about this card.”

My personal favorite is when our “Happy People” shout at us! “EXCELLENT SERVICE…” All we have to say to that is “THANKS JAMES FOR THE COMPLIMENT!!”

With an approval rating of over 99%, maybe Sarah, our Director of Customer Happiness, should run for President of the United States! I think she’d have David’s vote after he said these kind words.

“Could not of asked for better service from Sarah for taking care of the issues I had….Have dealt with her a couple times in the past, and every time I enjoy the friendly concern she has, and has helped me always solve my problems. Thanks Sarah.”

Thanks to everyone for the feedback! Keep it up and remember to follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook and share our blog with your friends!

2 thoughts on “Happy People Helping Happy Customers

    1. Hi Margaret, Thanks for the question! The easiest way to find the referral tools page is to:
      1. Go to http://www.cascadecard.com.
      2. Click on “Get a Card”.
      3. Click on “Already Reserved a Card?”.
      4. Type in your email address and click “Next”
      You should be taken to the referral tools page.
      If you have any questions, feel free to call customer service at 1-844-MY-CASCADE
      Happy Referring!


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