“Put your CrowdFunded CashBack Where Your Mouth Is”

Last month for the Major League Baseball National League Divisional Series the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, had a bet with the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. The loser of that bet had to wear a Mike Piazza Jersey from the other team. i.e if the Mets won, Garcetti would have to wear a Met’s Piazza uniform and if the Dodger’s won, de Blasio would have to wear a Dodger’s Piazza Jersey. #GarBlasioBet. Check out the funny video of Mayor de Blasio challenging Garcetti.

Garcetti ended up accepting the challenge.

We know that the Met’s ended up winning that series in 5 games, although at the time of this post the mayor of LA has yet to pay up on his end of the wager.

We had a similar bet here, only the loser didn’t have to read mean tweets about themselves on late night television. Spencer, our CEO, took the Dodgers in this wager, while Dino, one of the co-founders of the revolutionary new Cascade CrowdFunded CashBack program, took the Mets. It went 5 games and, as we all know by now, the Met’s came out victorious.
So here he is, the loser of the bet in all of his glory, a lifelong Dodger fan, Mr. Spencer Schmerling in a Mets hat! While I’m sure this was very painful for Spencer, there is always next year.

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