Happy New Year From Cascade!

We just wanted to take some time to wish all of the people who are following our blog a magnificent New Year!

This has been a HUGE year for us; from issuing our first cards, to being introduced to people all over America. We’ve grown our presence on social media and in people’s wallets.  Cascade has received praise from leaders in the payments industry and experts in banking. We have positioned ourselves to be a leader in the payments industry for years to come by creating a revolutionary product in the sharing economy. And it’s all because of our amazing cardholders.

Thank you for being on this ride with us from the very beginning.



One thought on “Happy New Year From Cascade!

  1. I was introduce from old Facebook friend w/private msg “How are you?” & after our 1st phone conversation, Cascade Card Crowd Funding Cash Back Rewards was introduce to me as a NO Brainer on 7-29! Wanting to see for myself, I place a call to Customer Support & spoke to Sarah Zeal for over a hour & had her look up my referer’s code to reserve my card. It has been fun watching this company grow with the same integrity over the last 5 months. In a area where there is strict oversight, I can only see good things ahead. I recommend for every person over 18 years of age to engage in the program & make it something to share to others.
    N.L. (NoiseAdmit)


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