Lunch With Cascade Call #1


dumplings with strawberriesBrought to you by popular demand, we present the replay of Lunch with Cascade.

This is the first call, we will publish all of the recordings.  These calls took place throughout the first quarter of 2016.  Keep reading the blog to hear the questions that cardholders  had.

If you don’t want to listen to the whole conversation, but just have a particular question we’ve included times that the question was asked.  Enjoy.

  • 7:30 Diamond status
  • 11:40 Submitting content
  • 14:00 FDIC Insurance
  • 15:00 Manual Enrollment
  • 16:50 Will my CashBack Crowd ever decrease?
  • 20:20 Trouble logging into the website
  • 26:20 Can I get a card in Puerto Rico?
  • 29:57 What am I seeing in the dashboard?
  • 33:00 Why are my Qualified Purchases different than my monthly statement?
  • 36:40 Will you please add a feature that makes deposits clearer?
  • 40:36 My friend hasn’t received their card
  • 47:50 This is Not a Business Opportunity


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