Lunch With Cascade #2

strawberry smoothie

Lunch is a little bit on the lighter side today. We had a shorter call for Cascade Q &A call number 2, but we were still very happy to answer everyone’s questions!

Lunch with Cascade is a call that we had every other Wednesday during the first quarter of 2016. It gave cardholders and potential cardholders a chance to ask CEO Spencer Schmerling questions, and hear the answer straight from the horse’s mouth. 

  • 1:54 What counts as a qualified purchase?
  • 9:00 Is this a Business opportunity?
  • 15:21 Do I get different amounts of CrowdFunded CashBack on any generation?
  • 19:08 How do I become a loading station?
  • 20:42 Clarification on Diamond Status
  • 27:43 Tell me about Manual Enrollment
  • 35:19 Can I get a referral code from a Customer Happiness Agent?

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