Enhancements to Enrollment

We have 2 major updates that improve user experience, website efficiency, and can help grow everyone’s CashBack Crowd.

Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire 

The Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® is a financial product. As with all financial products, we need to verify our customer’s identity. If we are unable to verify someone’s identity using our automated system, they have to go through what’s called “Manual Enrollment”.  This process may include scanning one’s ID or having them provide other documents.

Some cardholders view manual enrollment as a bit of a headache, and frankly they’re right. If we can avoid manual enrollment, we want to do so.

We found that the overwhelming majority of manual enrollments were occurring for one of these  reasons.

  1. People were ordering a card for someone else;
  2. People are using a PO Box or private mail box as their home address; or
  3. People are using Business Tax ID # instead of their Social Security number.

ALL of the above are big “No-No’s”

The enhancement that we made walk potential new cardholders through a “pre-enrollment questionnaire “.  New cardholders will be asked to confirm that they are …

  1. Enrolling themselves;
  2. Using their residential address;
  3. Using their social security number or their ITIN.

We expect that this new pre-enrollment questionnaire will decrease the amount of people who have to go through manual enrollment, making the Cascade enrollment experience much smoother and easier.

LinkedIn Referral Tool

Our cardholders spoke, we listened. Our Referral Tools section already provides the ability to share pre-approved text on Facebook and Twitter. We have now added the ability to share pre-approved text and referral links from the Referral Tools section directly onto LinkedIn.

This is extremely beneficial for cardholders who aren’t very active on other social media networks, but have made and nurtured many of their personal and professional relationships on LinkedIn.

Every day we strive to make our product even better than it already is.  Many times this means making enhancements that most of our cardholders won’t see. This is one enhancement that all of our future cardholders will definitely see and all of our current cardholders will benefit from.

You can look forward to many more exciting enhancements in the coming months.

Happy Referring!


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