Lunch with Cascade #3

italian sandwich with fruit

Thanks to all who participated in another great Q & A session. We have so many cardholders who are using their Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® as their primary payment solution.

The Q & A call is a resource that we provided to our cardholders something that we held every other Wednesday in the first quarter of 2016, we decided to post the call recordings on the blog so that people who couldn’t make the live call can listen in.

For those of you who are just hearing about CrowdFunded CashBack for the first time ever, you may want to watch the videos at

  • 1:00 Diamond status
  • 2:26 How do I become Diamond Status
  • 8:08 New phone system
  • 13:15 How long does it take to get a card?
  • 13:50 When can I start referring my friends?
  • 14:35 Will these cards ever have chips?
  • 16:19 How long has Cascade been around?
  • 17:19 Is this an MLM?
  • 20:30 Can I sign up using my EIN or sign up as an Non Profit organization?
  • 30:00 Can My business sign up to do this?
  • 40:50 Why isn’t the website working for me?
  • 44:00 Can I have a booth to talk about the Cascade Card at an event?




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