Lunch with Cascade #4

Lunch on phone

We’ve put out a pretty amazing product. The Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® is a simple, easy to use prepaid card with a low fee structure, excellent customer service, and a website that explains clearly what we are offering.  CrowdFunded CashBack is not something that most people have ever heard of, so sometimes we have to provide extra resources to answer questions about it.

This is a recording of “Lunch with Cascade” a Q & A call that we did every other Wednesday in the first quarter in 2016. If you ever have any questions that you would like answered, don’t be a stranger, call one of our customer happiness agents at 888-623-3314. 

We had some really great questions from everyone on this call. Before the recording started, we prompted everyone with the question: What made you get a Cascade Card.

  • 2:45 Referring channel partners
  • 16:50 How can you pay CrowdFundedCashBack?
  • 19:35 Do I have to refer people if I want CrowdFunded CashBack?
  • 28:15 What if I don’t remember my referral code?
  • 29:20 Is there a credit check to get the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard?
  • 30:48 Do I still pay the $4.99 monthly fee if I haven’t activated my card?
  • 31:15 How do I transfer funds from my bank account?
  • 32:42 Tell me about the companion card
  • 34:33 Does paying rent count toward CrowdFunded CashBack?
  • 36:50 Does Cascade have automatic payments?


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