Lunch With Cascade #5

2016-03-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-restaurant-glasses-tables-LEEROY“Lunch With Cascade” was a Q& A call that we held on Wednesday’s throughout the first quarter of 2016, and it became a huge hit with cardholders of the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® who are calling in and sharing stories, asking questions, or using the call as a resource for their friends and family who have questions.

This is a call that we have every other Wednesday, where CEO and Founder Spencer Schmerling joins us to answer questions that people may have about CrowdFunded CashBack, or just prepaid cards in general.

Feel free to listen to any of the other recordings that can be found her on the Cascade blog.

  • 2:47 Referral cards and welcome kit.
  • 9:40 Is there a limit to the amount of CashBack that I can receive?
  • 19:28 BUZZWORD: rewards program.
  • 23:15 is CrowdFunded CashBack taxable?
  • 24:37 What happens if my card is compromised?
  • 26:00 What happens to the micro-deposits one my account is attached?
  • 27:30 Middle initial, suffix, and federal benefits.
  • 29:30 Why is customer service so important to Cascade?
  • 30:59 Do online purchases count as non-PIN?
  • 35:00 How do you calculate personal qualified spend?
  • 41:30 Can you link Paypal to your card?
  • 44:10 Tell me more about the channel partnership.

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