Lunch With Cascade #6

picjumbo salmon

The Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® offers such a revolutionary rewards program that we to make sure that cardholders understand exactly how CrowdFunded CashBack works.  We do many things to provide resources for our cardholders and potential cardholders to have a great understanding.

Throughout the first quarter of 2016 Spencer Schmerling, CEO, and Chris Lynch, Director of Sales and Marketing, hosted multiple Q & A session that were called “Lunch with Cascade”.  These calls provided a platform for customers to reach out directly to the leadership in the company and ask many different types of questions.

Below is a recording of the 6th “Lunch With Cascade” call

  • 2:10 When do statements come out? How do you calculate CrowdFunded CashBack?
  • 4:40 When do Companion Cards come out?
  • 6:25 Comparing us to our competitors.
  • 7:13 Do you have an app?
  • 8:13 Can I refer people for my “downline”.
  • 12:05 Why do you need a home address?
  • 19:29 Please explain the waiting period.
  • 28:00 Do I get CashBack on my own purchases?
  • 30:00 How does Cascade Card compare to other prepaid cards.
  • 31:11 What should I know about this card? How do I get one?
  • 36:45 Can I refer my friends and family members?
  • 38:20 How do I load this card?
  • 40:20 Compare us to Serve Card.
  • 41:45 What is the % of CFCB that Cascade Pays out?
  • 52:30 Clarify qualification please.
  • 55:00 Happy Customer
  • 58:45 Is the companion card for your spouse?
  • 1:03:20 Is it hard to qualify for CrowdFunded CashBack


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