7 Tips To Travel on a Budget (and Still Have Fun!)


Not everyone can stay at the Ritz-Carlton or the Four Seasons, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t explore different parts of the world! Below you will find 5 simple tips that are going to stretch you dollar a little bit further.

1. Know EXACTLY What You Want To Do

Sometimes the most expensive part of traveling is paying the unexpected costs. Taking a taxi late at night instead of jumping on the bus at your scheduled time could be much more expensive. Some of us may not be perfect planners, but if we want to stick to a budget, it’s always best to have a detailed itinerary.

2.  Use Daily Deal Sites
With sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, you can get huge discounts on really fun things in the city that you are traveling to. The adventures that you have on vacation don’t have to be unique to that city either. Sometimes being on a trip can encourage you to do things that you wouldn’t usually do at home. Have you ever done an escape room? When was the last time you raced around the track in go karts? Even though you’re on a budget, make sure you treat yourself a little bit!

3. Don’t Be Scared To Ask For a Discount!

This is something that we always talk about here at Cascade. If you are traveling because you are on your honeymoon, ask your server if they have any discounts for newlyweds! If you are on a birthday vacay, ask if there are any discounts for the birthday girl (or boy). Are you a veteran? You know the drill.

4. Use Promo Codes

Many companies reward you for signing up for their services. If you are from a smaller city and haven’t downloaded some of the apps that have become commonplace in major cities (Uber, Flywheel, Airbnb, etc.) you should really ask someone in your social network if they have a referral code for this. Not only are you being rewarded, but you are rewarding the person who told you about that app!

5. Cascade Prepaid MasterCard®

Remember, with the Cascade card there is no foreign transaction fee. Not only that, but having this card will allow you to stick to a budget. Another benefit to the Cascade card while traveling, is that if you lose it, you are protected by MasterCard’s Zero Liability Protection Policy. Helpful Hint – if you are traveling give one of our customer happiness agents a call and let them know that your card will be used somewhere out of the ordinary.

6. Lots of Things Are Free – Including Sightseeing

It’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to go sightseeing. Some of the most iconic places around the world are landmarks. It won’t cost anything to get into Times Square in New York City. Many of the museums in Washington D.C. are free. The Griffith Park observatory and the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles are free. The Rocky Mountains, in Colorado…Free.

7. Public Transportation.

Subway station

Not only is public transportation the cheapest way to move around in the city, often times you can’t truly experience the city unless you take advantage of the public transportation. Think about it: BART in San Francisco, The Tube, or the Underground in London, the Subway system in New York. Depending on how long you are going to be in the city, see about getting a week long pass for public transportation.


Have any other tips? Let us know by commenting below.

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