Redeeming Rewards in December

Whew! What a whirlwind month it’s been for us and our cardholders. We’ve implemented the changes to the rewards program, refined our fees and FINALLY launched the sleek new site,

Now that the changes have taken effect, we had a couple cardholders that asked us some questions about redeeming the rewards that they have built up over the past few months. We thought we’d write a blog post to share the unique schedule of “rewards redemption”. This schedule is only valid for December, as we finalize the changes to the Card Program and the Rewards Program.

December 1-5, you’ll redeem your regular CrowdFunded CashBack that you earned in November. The LookBack Period for this is 9/26 – 10/25.

December 6-11*, cardholders will redeem CrowdFunded CashBack from the Lookback period of 10/26-11/30. There is no need to qualify for this redemption.

December 12th -15th*, If you were still in the “waiting period” then you will redeem the rewards that you built up during the waiting period but haven’t received yet.

If you are not participating in the rewards program this post won’t apply to you. Confused? Make sure to reach out to one of our Customer Happiness agents via the chat icon at the bottom right hand side of or call us at 1-844-My-Cascade.


*This post was updated to correct the redemption dates




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