The New Cascade Card

Want more rewards? Well even if it’s not your birthday, you are getting a present today…from Cascade Prepaid MasterCard®!

There’s a reason you like using a prepaid card: They’re convenient, you can use it everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted, and there is never a late fee or interest charge. And the Cascade Card has always been an awesome prepaid card…one that earns you cash rewards when you refer friends who use the card, too. Check it out here.

We’ve been hard at work thinking about you, what you need, and what’s most important for you, for your money and for your lifestyle. The Cascade Card has always been great, but over the last 11 months, we’ve made the Cascade Card even better!

This Could Be A Better Prepaid Card Option For You

First, we’ve made it possible to avoid almost all of the fees* you usually have with a prepaid card, including the regular monthly fee*. Check out our Fee Schedule and tips on how to avoid them.

We have simplified our rewards program to make it easier to understand, use, and earn. Now, our new “Friendspend Rewards” has eliminated the old waiting period before you can start earning. Plus, you become eligible to earn rewards with the very first dollar spent each month instead of waiting to hit a certain spending level. And on top of all that, we’ve doubled the rewards for our card holders who spend more. How does our simplified rewards program work? Check it out here.

The result is that your New Cascade Card could cost you less to use, and earns you rewards faster than ever before.

As they say on TV: “But wait…there’s MORE!”

Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work literally rebuilding our technology from the ground up. Our new tech team threw out the antiquated card technology some other cards use and built a new state of the art system that makes transactions — including your loads and spends – faster and more secure. (For you curious techie types, it’s built with RESTful APIs. Cool, right?)

You can enjoy the same flexibility and security features with the New Cascade Card. Not only will you get the added protection of our new chip cards, but you will still benefit from MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy** and funds are FDIC insured for all registered cardholders through Sunrise Banks, N.A.

Linking a bank account to load funds on the card the first time now occurs in just minutes instead of 3 to 4 days of waiting. We make loading your card  day to day smooth and effortless. You can even direct-deposit a portion or all of your paycheck/government benefit funds!  See the cardholder agreement for complete load details.

Our Customer Happiness Team, based in the good old USA, is now open 24/7/365 and can help you with all of your needs – both card related and reward program related questions. We’re here for you 24/7/365 so ask questions or get help whenever and wherever you need it.

How Do I Get One?

So that’s what’s in store for you with your New Cascade Card. You’ve gotta be asking “How do I get one?” It’s easy! Just go here to enroll. And if you want the low-down details on the new Cascade Card, you can read them here.

It might not be your birthday, but you’re getting the rewards today. More rewards, more convenience…and a way to pay for your smart, active lifestyle. Get your New Cascade Card today.

*Other fees, terms and conditions apply, see cardholder agreement.
** Conditions and exceptions apply – see cardholder agreement.

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