Lunch With Cascade #6

The Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® offers such a revolutionary rewards program that we to make sure that cardholders understand exactly how CrowdFunded CashBack works.  We do many things to provide resources for our cardholders and potential cardholders to have a great understanding. Throughout the first quarter of 2016 Spencer Schmerling, CEO, and Chris Lynch, Director of Sales … Continue reading Lunch With Cascade #6

Lunch With Cascade #5

"Lunch With Cascade" was a Q& A call that we held on Wednesday's throughout the first quarter of 2016, and it became a huge hit with cardholders of the Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® who are calling in and sharing stories, asking questions, or using the call as a resource for their friends and family who have questions. This is a call … Continue reading Lunch With Cascade #5

Lunch with Cascade #4

We've put out a pretty amazing product. The Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® is a simple, easy to use prepaid card with a low fee structure, excellent customer service, and a website that explains clearly what we are offering.  CrowdFunded CashBack is not something that most people have ever heard of, so sometimes we have to provide … Continue reading Lunch with Cascade #4

Lunch with Cascade #3

Thanks to all who participated in another great Q & A session. We have so many cardholders who are using their Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® as their primary payment solution. The Q & A call is a resource that we provided to our cardholders something that we held every other Wednesday in the first quarter of 2016, we decided … Continue reading Lunch with Cascade #3