“Put your CrowdFunded CashBack Where Your Mouth Is”

Last month for the Major League Baseball National League Divisional Series the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, had a bet with the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. The loser of that bet had to wear a Mike Piazza Jersey from the other team. i.e if the Mets won, Garcetti would have to … Continue reading “Put your CrowdFunded CashBack Where Your Mouth Is”

The Newbies

As I said in my last post, Cascade is growing incredibly fast and as proof, last week we had three new Customer Happiness Agents (that’s customer service to you non-pros) start their training. Meet Shayna, Danny, and Tanner (that’s two separate people, not the dad from Full House).           Sarah, our … Continue reading The Newbies

I’m Denise. I’m new here.

Hi! I’m Denise, the new Community Manager here at Cascade. I’m replacing Chris, the old Community Manager and keeper of the blog. He’s been promoted and is now far too fancy to be talking to the likes of you anymore. I’m just kidding; he misses you all desperately and says “Hi”. I know what you’re … Continue reading I’m Denise. I’m new here.

Cardholder #1

The wait is finally over, Cascade has started to issue its first cards. Naturally, the first cardholders would be those who have worked tirelessly towards the launch. To add a fun twist, the team threw darts to decide the order of card enrollment. Each employee received a single throw with the person who hits or … Continue reading Cardholder #1