Lunch with Cascade #4

We've put out a pretty amazing product. The Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® is a simple, easy to use prepaid card with a low fee structure, excellent customer service, and a website that explains clearly what we are offering.  CrowdFunded CashBack is not something that most people have ever heard of, so sometimes we have to provide … Continue reading Lunch with Cascade #4

Lunch With Cascade

Every Wednesday in the first quarter of 2016, we had a Q & A session entitled "Lunch With Cascade". We used this call to engage with our cardholders and allow them to ask questions directly to our CEO Spencer Schmerling. Starting next week we will post the replay of the calls on the blog, so … Continue reading Lunch With Cascade

“Put your CrowdFunded CashBack Where Your Mouth Is”

Last month for the Major League Baseball National League Divisional Series the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, had a bet with the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. The loser of that bet had to wear a Mike Piazza Jersey from the other team. i.e if the Mets won, Garcetti would have to … Continue reading “Put your CrowdFunded CashBack Where Your Mouth Is”

Happy People Helping Happy Customers

“Happy people helping happy customers.” That has been our motto since before we even began issuing cards.  Well, we can officially say that is a true statement. We have a 99% approval rate from our customers who contact our Customer Happiness Team. We just wanted to do a quick blog post to give our Customer … Continue reading Happy People Helping Happy Customers

The Newbies

As I said in my last post, Cascade is growing incredibly fast and as proof, last week we had three new Customer Happiness Agents (that’s customer service to you non-pros) start their training. Meet Shayna, Danny, and Tanner (that’s two separate people, not the dad from Full House).           Sarah, our … Continue reading The Newbies