“Put your CrowdFunded CashBack Where Your Mouth Is”

Last month for the Major League Baseball National League Divisional Series the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, had a bet with the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. The loser of that bet had to wear a Mike Piazza Jersey from the other team. i.e if the Mets won, Garcetti would have to … Continue reading “Put your CrowdFunded CashBack Where Your Mouth Is”

Do’s and Don’ts

The Cascade Prepaid MasterCard® is a completely revolutionary tool to help our cardholders build up CrowdFunded CashBack. When people hear about Cascade for the first time, what happens is, they get extremely excited about all the opportunities that the program presents. Sometimes people get a little bit ahead of themselves about how to properly spread … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts

Amazon Smile

Here at Cascade, we love to tell people about some of the good things that other companies are doing.  One company we would like to point out is Amazon.  Amazon has a program called “Amazon Smile”.  It is the same as shopping at Amazon.com, except the purchases that you make go to an organization of … Continue reading Amazon Smile

One More Day!

MasterCard® One more day commercial Check out this sensational commercial from MasterCard®.  We are genuinely excited to be associated with a great company that understands the value of personal, quality and family time.  In this commercial, there is a great part when the girl says, “We’re not asking for much”. And she’s right. Here at Cascade … Continue reading One More Day!

Cardholder #1

The wait is finally over, Cascade has started to issue its first cards. Naturally, the first cardholders would be those who have worked tirelessly towards the launch. To add a fun twist, the team threw darts to decide the order of card enrollment. Each employee received a single throw with the person who hits or … Continue reading Cardholder #1